Intro - What To Expect

Intro - What To Expect

Edit: GrowThat has become Pollen (WooHoo!), so althought you'll hear "GrowThat" in the show, the app is nowe called Pollen. Hope you love it! Hey there! Welcome to the Pollen Small Business Podcast. I'm Jeremiah, the founder of Pollen, and I'll be the host of the show. I wanted to create this introduction episode to tell you what you can expect in each episode. First, let me clarify what I mean by “small business”, because technically, a small business could be a large manufacturing plant, or a privately owned software company. What I mean by “small” is: local, brick and mortar, artisan businesses that produce something for people to enjoy. So in each episode I'll be talking with a small business owner that's doing something really awesome in their space: from coffee shops, to breweries, boutiques, bakeries, hair salons, and more. You'll get to hear the story of how they got started, why they chose to start a small business, and: obstacles they had to overcome growing pains they had as they grew more successful how they think about running their business (managing employees, hiring, etc.) and more They'll also share advice for anyone thinking of starting a small business. My hope is that whether you're a small business owner, someone thinking about starting a small business, or just a supporter of small business - you'll come away inspired, motivated, and get takeaways to help you grow and run your own business. So that's a little bit of information about the show, and what to expect. Now - you may be wondering what Pollen is. Well, basically - GrowThat is an app that lets small business owners get more new customers through word of mouth referrals. It lets you create your own referral program (or, refer-a-friend program), that runs automatically and tracks your program's success. My goal at Pollen is to help small business owners get more customers, every year, the best way possible: through word of mouth. Pollen is meant to make it easy, and automated, and we'll be adding new features all the time to help businesses grow. If you want to try it, you can head over to Pollen, and try it free! OK - so wrapping things up for this episode, here are a few things I'm going to ask you to do: If you like the first episode or two, subscribe so you don't miss one. If you have a friend who's thinking about starting a small, local, brick and mortar business, share this podcast with them! The business owners I'm talking to are really amazing people and they have so much knowledge to share. After you've heard enough to make a judgement, go ahead and leave me a review! Let me know what you like, what you don't like. If you'd like to be considered for the podcast, or want to nominate an amazing small business who has been around a while and been successful, or is doing something really creative or interesting in their space, send me an email at and let me know! In closing... I love small business. My goal in GrowThat is to help small businesses grow and thrive each year, and I hope this podcast does the same. I couldn't be more proud to share this podcast with you - not because I'm in it, but because of the stories of the small business owners. They've each faced the fear of starting something new, and putting themselves out there, and taken the leap, and I couldn't be more proud to get to share their stories with you. Happy listening!

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