Matt | Backyard Beans Coffee Company

Matt | Backyard Beans Coffee Company

In today’s episode, I’m talking with Matt, the owner of Backyard Beans Coffee - in Lansdale PA. You’ll hear: How Matt went from roasting using an air-pop popcorn maker he got at the thrift store, to being carried by Whole Foods and roasting hundreds of pounds of coffee a week. How he took the leap to full-time, leaving his really stable, well-paying career job to jump into Backyard Beans full time, with the help of his business partner and wife, Laura. How he thinks about management and engaging with employees. We’ll also talk about how they got their branding so on-point, and utilize the talent of their employees and hired talent to make amazing Instagram content, keep a beautiful website, and more. In my humble opinion, I think Backyard Beans offers some of the best coffee in the nation, and while it’s a somewhat young company still, Matt, head roaster Bobby, and the whole team have done an amazing job to craft the brand that exists today.

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