Sara | Rye Goods

Sara | Rye Goods

In this episode, you’ll hear from Sara, the founder of Rye Goods - a bakery in Costa Mesa CA. There were so many awesome things from this interview. If you’re afraid to take the leap, and working for another company - you’ll hear how Sarah took the leap to start her own business after years of baking for other businesses -If you think it requires $50,000 out the gate - take note of how she started super lean, with low overhead, in a food truck -You’ll also learn how she got her first customers and wholesale accounts -And probably most importantly - how she doesn’t sway from her vision. One of the things that impressed me most about Sara was that she’s doing this her way. She’s passionate, and committed to delivering the best breads and foods possible. She’s relentless about quality and the purity of what she does, she works 12-16 hour days just about every day, and she’s in this because she absolutely loves it. CONNECT @theryetruck

Duration: 60 min

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