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Episode 9: Coronavirus and our changing reality

Episode 9: Coronavirus and our changing reality

This wasn't a planned episode because well, we didn't see this coming! In this episode I share how my reality has changed in the last week or so since the Coronavirus hit the US. A few episodes back I shared how I juggle motherhood and my business and this episode covers how all that has changed. Change is hard and I don't have a lot of inspirational advice for you right now but I am sharing what changes I'm making to prioritize my family, business, and my own physical and mental health. I'd love to know what you're doing to adapt to the changes we're all experiencing so head over to instagram and DM me! Thanks for hanging out with me today. If this episode made a difference for you, let me know! Write a review or connect with me on social media. Don't forget to also check out our sponsor,, at Talk to you soon. SHOW NOTES:

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