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Titans of Wrestling #48: Verne Gagne Tribute

Titans of Wrestling #48: Verne Gagne Tribute

On this episode Pete, Johnny and Kelly celebrate the career of pro wrestling legend Verne Gagne. They look at six matches from his career, tracing his journey from young lion to grizzled veteran. On the docket: vs Hans Schmidt 10/10/52 Chicago vs Don Leo Johnathan 4/15/55 Chicago vs Edouard Carpentier 5/2/58 Chicago vs Billy Robinson 11/20/74 Japan vs Nikolai Volkoff 8/29/77 MSG vs Nick Bockwinkel 2/10/79 Chicago Also on the show: -A look at Verne's history wrestling at MSG -Johnny's one man bonus tribute to announcer Russ Davis -Memories and opinions of Verne -Surprise appearances, blood soaked mats, full moons, and much more! Also, here's a playlist of matches discussed on the show. If nothing else, I highly recommend the Gagne vs Robinson match. It's a classic:

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