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Ep 24 - How To Effectively Change Your Mindset For Lasting Results Ft: Loralee Dodson, Life Coach

Ep 24 - How To Effectively Change Your Mindset For Lasting Results Ft: Loralee Dodson, Life Coach

They say every major change starts with your mindset, so how do you go about changing THAT? Is it a simple flip of a switch, or do you need to dig deeper? In this week’s Episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Loralee Dodson. Loralee is a Master Health & Life Coach based in Florida. She has been working as a Coach since 2011 and has changed so many people’s lives— Including M’Lisa’s! Listen in as we discuss why some people are able to make permanent lifestyle (or business!) changes and others swing right back into their old habits. This Episode is so special to us because Loralee actually played a huge role in M’Lisa and Royal meeting— Here’s the story: Loralee was M’Lisa’s eyelash extension client but also her health coach. Part of Lor’s program at the time was a diet reset in which the client cuts all sugars out of his/her diet for a minimum of 21 days. During the 21 days, when flying home from a business trip in Los Angeles, M’Lisa was extremely hungry waiting at the LAX Airport. There wasn’t time for a sit down meal, so she headed to the food court to see if anything would fit in her sugar-free program. While standing in the food court, she found herself in front of Pink Berry Frozen Yogurt, staring up at the menu and rationalizing about whether or not it was okay to have some froyo. While there, she noticed a police officer talking (flirting) with a woman who was ordering some yogurt, but she didn’t think anything of it. After several minutes of going back in forth in her head, M’Lisa decided that it wasn’t worth it to end her sugar-free streak for a few minutes of froyo enjoyment and she walked outside of the food court, pulled out her cell phone, and typed a long text message to Loralee to vent about how frustrated she was with the lack of healthy options in that particular airport. Unbeknownst to her, the police officer had noticed her in the food court, walked away from the girl, and stood by patiently until M’Lisa was done sending her lengthy text. When she put her phone in her purse and started to walk away, the cop said, “Hey! You stood there in front of Pink Berry all that time and you didn’t order anything?” AND THEN, they fell in love and got married, all because M’Lisa decided (after much back-and-forth in her head) to stick with her eating plan and what she was learning from Loralee. THE END! :)) Okay, there was obviously more to the story than that, but we give a lot of credit to Lor for this and many other ways she helped M’Lisa change her mindset and lifestyle. Take notes and really dig deep during this Episode— Ask yourself if your mindset is where it needs to be to help you be as successful and fulfilled as you truly want to be. You can connect with Loralee on Instagram and on her website at You can also reach her at or in her FB Group, Meeting the Mark. And of course, if you like this Podcast, please subscribe and leave a review! To connect with us, please follow @spa_strong on Instagram and visit our website

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