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EP 27 - State Licensing Investigations and ZO Skin Health Ft: Shea Kasianowicz, LE

EP 27 - State Licensing Investigations and ZO Skin Health Ft: Shea Kasianowicz, LE

In this week’s Episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Shea Kasianowicz, a Licensed Esthetician and Certified ZO Skin Health Expert based in St Petersburg, FL! Shea has built her career in the medical side of aesthetics and has so much incredible knowledge to share. But before becoming a licensed esthetician, Shea had a different yet very relevant background— For two years, Shea worked as an investigator for the Florida State Licensing Commission. In this capacity, her job was to seek out unlicensed and unregulated activity for several license types including COSMETOLOGY AND ESTHETICS! As soon as we found out about this, we knew we wanted her to be a guest on the Podcast! As you know, we are big on rules, regulations, and maintaining high standards in your capacity as a licensed esthetician. Hearing Shea dive into the health and safety risks of unlicensed activity confirms the need for proper education, licensing, and continuing education. We also had the opportunity to discuss ZO Skin Health, what makes it different from other skincare lines, and why Shea would only work with a spa that uses this line. In this episode, Shea referenced Emily Keller Rockwell, NP @emilykellerockwell_np as a great resources for ZO Skin Health products. You can connect with Shea on Instagram @champagne_and_lidocaine And of course, if you like this Podcast, please subscribe and leave a review! To connect with us, please follow @spa_strong on Instagram and visit our website

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