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Episode 21 - Your Health Is Your Wealth

Episode 21 - Your Health Is Your Wealth

As estheticians, we spend all day focusing on the needs and care of our clients. But... How often do we focus on our own needs and on self-care?? It’s easy to forget to take time for ourselves and our bodies, but today’s episode with Dr Alison Ramos will help you make your health a priority! Dr Ramos (we know her as Ali!) is a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist and Doctor of Physical Therapy. She practices at TAG Physical Therapy in El Segundo, California, and Royal is actually one of her patients! Listen in as Ali talks about the dangers of repetitive motion, low back pain, corrective exercises for Estheticians, and more. To go along with this Episode, Ali put together a series of stretches specifically for the needs of estheticians! Find that download on our website, She also referenced Dr Caleb Burgess, who you can find on IG @dr.caleb.burgess and The Prehab Guys @theprehabguys Ali also talked about using a McKenzie Roll for lumbar support, which you can pick up here: You can connect with Ali via email at If you like this Podcast, please subscribe and leave a review! To connect with us, please follow @spa_strong on Instagram and visit our website

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