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Episode 5 - All Esthies Need It, But Not All of Us Have It

Episode 5 - All Esthies Need It, But Not All of Us Have It

In this episode of The Spa Strong Podcast, Royal and M’Lisa discuss a very important aspect of esthetics that, quite frankly, is not talked about enough! As estheticians, we trade time for money. This means that if we aren’t at work, we aren’t seeing clients, so we aren’t making money. If we get sick, suffer an injury, or get completely worn out from working all day every day, we are impeding our own success and income. Health is something that every esthetician should make a priority in life. We wear down our bodies as we sit for hours on end, and we need to take time to counter those effects. Listen now to hear Royal and M’Lisa discuss these concepts further and provide insight on why this matters and how you can make health more of a priority in your life and esthetics practice. Articles cited:…ng/faq-20058005…-down-all-day#3…u-should-let-out To learn more about Spa Strong, visit and follow us on Instagram at

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