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260 - Ultrarunning in the Himalayas with Scott Loughney

260 - Ultrarunning in the Himalayas with Scott Loughney

In today's episode I talk to Scott Loughney about an incredible 640 km ultrarunning challenge in the highest mountain range of the world.  Scott together with Ryan Wagner and Upendra Sunuwar successfully linked Katmandu, the capital of Nepal, with Everest Base Camp, a round trip distance of 640km. We really get down into the weeds with this one about the nuances of training for and then completing such a challenge. I hope you like it! 01:57 The Mount Everest Mailrun Challenge 07:54 Suffering and Type 1, 2 and 3 adventure 12:10 Hallucinations while pushing the limits of endurance  19:43 In-depth foot care and blister management for ultrarunning, 30:37 Risk evaluation and mitigation during the Everest Mailrun Challenge 39:19 Training to handle risks for the project 46:39 Oxygen levels and deprivation while running in the Himalayas 49:35 10 principles for achieving big projects  1:03:40 How to organise the rest of your life around training  1:07:40 How to prevent your body from breaking down and getting injuries 1:10:56 More information and future projects Check out the Grapplearts Signature Gi at Thanks Stephan

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