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270 - Oleg Taktarov, the Sambo OG of the UFC

270 - Oleg Taktarov, the Sambo OG of the UFC

I'm absolutely thrilled to welcome Oleg Taktarov to the podcast.  Oleg used his Sambo skills to win UFC 6, beat Dolph Lungren in a widely publicised boxing match, and fought at the infamous Pentagon Combat event which ended in a riot and got MMA banned in Rio de Janeiro.   Oleg is also a great teacher - I personally use techniques and concepts I learned from him more than 20 years ago almost every day that I step onto the mats. Today we cover dealing with fear in MMA matches, the path to mastering striking as well as grappling, training the Russian special forces, the advantages of leglocks, working in the movies, and the role he would most like to play. If you enjoy this episode then giving it a rating on your favorite podcast platform would be super-appreciated.  Stuff like that really helps! Stephan Kesting

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