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273 - The State of the BJJ-Covid Union with Dr Chris Moriarty

273 - The State of the BJJ-Covid Union with Dr Chris Moriarty

Dr Moriarty is a medical doctor and had a long fierce career as a BJJ competitor who previously published guidelines for reopening BJJ academies during the Covid-19 pandemic ( In this followup episode we look at the current state of the epidemic, implications for training, and how to figure out whether cases truly are going up or down in your area. 00:32 - Intro to Doctor Chris Moriarty, BJJ black belt. 02:43 - Where is the USA and the rest of the world at with Covid? 11:50 - Are cases going up just because of an increase in testing? 14:39 - Memorial day, protests, and other reasons that states may be experiencing a rise in Covid infections. 22:90 - Masks and prevention of coronavirus transmission. 25:46 - Is now safe to train BJJ? 33:18 - What about training BJJ with just one partner? 36:27 - On lighting campfires in dry grasslands and taking risks for other people. 38:09 - Signs of hope. 44:34 - The politicisation of mask wearing. 49:37 - Modes of transmission. 51:25 - Final words.

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