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Episode No. 82 Sixty Day Check In: Are You On Track With Your Goals?

Episode No. 82 Sixty Day Check In: Are You On Track With Your Goals?

It’s March 1st baby which means we are officially 60 days into 2020! 🎉 So how’s it going? Are you knocking ‘ish out of the park every chance you get? Or are you having a rather slow start to the new year? Whether you’ve been getting your hustle on or not today we’re going to spend some time performing a 60-Day Review + Check-In. We’re going to take a peek at what’s been working, what needs improvement and what the hell needs to be nixed in order for you to get your dream chase on and popping! If you’re the type of #GoalGetter that likes to write stuff down, I created a downloadable 60 Day Review with journal prompts, affirmations + action steps that will help you get your head back In the game. Head to the show notes to get your hands on a copy now! Topics Discussed In Todays Episode:An exercise to help you forgive yourself for procrastinating, not shooting your shot or showing up. Eight simple questions that will help you assess what's been working, eliminate what hasn't been working and realign with your goals.What to do after you've performed the review + so much more!Show Notes | The Goal Getter Sessions | Instagram | ContactSupport the show (

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