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Questions to Ask While Waiting

Questions to Ask While Waiting

Right now, many of us are sheltered in our homes — alone or with company — finding ways to connect in our “new normal.” And as we grapple with how COVID-19 has reshaped our day-to-day, all most of us can do is wait it out. So in this episode, we’re going to turn to a poem, 45 Questions to Ask While Waiting. Our reporter Jenny Casas looks to it when she wants to get to know the people around her. The poem was written by Chicago-based artist, educator and activist, Benji Hart. The list has questions that range from the mundane (2. Where is the least-visited corner in your home?) to the romantic (5. What is the cruelest thing you have done in love?) to the deeply personal (20. What hypocrisy in yourself have you yet to amend?) — and this week, Jenny and Benji talk about how the questions have helped them think and listen while waiting. Additional resources: - Hear about Benji Hart’s work in progress, World After This One.  - Read one of the main inspirations for 45 Questions To Ask While Waiting, Dean Spade’s Questionnaire.  

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