Ella Magers, MSW & Stephanie Aguilar, MS

Introducing: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast

Introducing: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast

Whether you’re already vegan, in the process of transiting to a vegan lifestyle, or consider yourself "vegan-curious," join Sexy Fit Vegan® Ella Magers, MSW and Mindset Master Stephanie Aguilar for a show that is all about helping you leap into your power and build a healthy, plant-strong body and mind for life. Get ready to have your world rocked! We cover a range of topics... Mindset, vegan nutrition, health, fitness, meal-planning, animal welfare, cruelty-free shopping... All the important themes that will empower you to align your actions with your values, and to write a new story for yourself, and your life. Want to make a positive impact on the world (as most vegans do)?  Healing the world starts with healing yourself! We coach you to coach yourself, to reprogram your mind, and to create the Sexy Fit Vegan life that will set you free! Learn more and join our Vegan Life Coach Academy HERE.

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