The Robbery | 4

The Robbery | 4

After finding John Holmes's palm print at the house on Wonderland Avenue, police need to determine if the porn actor was a witness to the murders – or a participant. But what Detectives Tom Lange and Bob Souza really want to know is if Holmes will give up Eddie Nash. They’re confident Nash ordered the murders in retaliation for a home invasion robbery at his place two days earlier. If John doesn’t cooperate with police he could face the death penalty. But if he does, he could face something even worse…Eddie Nash.You can support this show by supporting our sponsors.Daily Harvest - Go to daily-harvest.com and enter promo code LACRIME to get three items FREE in your first boxBombas - Save 20% on your first Bombas purchase by visiting bombas.com/HOLLYWOOD and entering code HOLLYWOOD at checkout

Duration: 41 min

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