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7. Prioritizing Inclusivity and Diversity with Rachel L. Proctor

7. Prioritizing Inclusivity and Diversity with Rachel L. Proctor

Today on This Intentional Life, Heather is joined by author, speaker, and second-generation entrepreneur Rachel L. Proctor. Rachel’s greatest passion is helping people turn ideas into successful online businesses. A self-proclaimed market research junkie, Rachel has hit seven-figure sales marks as she’s built a versatile and trusted learning resource hub for aspiring and successful business owners, just like Heather. With an emphasis on real-world skills, accessible technology, and holistic learning, Rachel helps students pinpoint their unique ideas and turn them into profitable, life-changing business ventures. On this episode, Rachel and Heather discuss the challenges business owners face in our current climate, including social justice and #BlackLivesMatter, diversity and inclusion in the workplace and network, doing life and business with people who don’t look like you, and resources for learning more.  For more information on this episode including all resources and links discussed go to www.ThisIntentionalLifePodcast.com

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