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EP 474: Mental Management with Lanny Bassham

EP 474: Mental Management with Lanny Bassham

The events in 2020 have effected everyone throughout the world.  First with the Pandemic and now with coming to terms with some long overdue inequalities.  We didn't want to distract from the attention and introspection that is needed now.  So we decided to not publish a new episode this week, rather, we want to share one of our favorite episodes.  This episode is from 2014 and we hope you like it and might help you through these hard times. If "ultra running is 90% mental and the other 10% is in your head", shouldn't we train our brain?  Is there a repeatable process for winning? Lanny Bassham went from a kid that others said would never compete as an athlete to a 2-time Olympic medalist and 4-time world champion with four world records.  All winners have common threads that they do differently than everyone else.  He has discovered a formula to preparing mentally to be a champion.  Since retiring from competition, he continues as a coach to many World and Olympic champions, Fortune 500 companies, the United States Secret Service, the US Navy SEALS, the United States Army Marksmanship Unit, the US Marine Corps Marksmanship Unit, and the FBI. "With Winning in Mind" is in it's third edition and is a MUST read for all Nation Members. Learn more at Lanny's web site:  Mental Management You will learn about the three circles of the Mental Management System three phases of a task goal getting how to use rehearsal as a mental tool How an imagined imprint can be just as real as an actual imprint. How can we be better coach your children

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