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110 - A Conversation with D'Ann

110 - A Conversation with D'Ann

Welcome to the first episode in a new style of conversations we’ll be having here on Trailercast. My hope is that as you listen, you’ll find things in D’Ann’s story that relate to your own. That as you connect to her unboxing, things also become unboxed for you. When I put it out there on Instagram that I was looking for listeners who were willing to come on the show and have important, pivotal conversations with me, the very first person that reached out to me was D’Ann. She jumped into this conversation open, honest and ready to get in to the heart of things. She was the perfect first guest for this new style of conversations Trailercast episodes. In the middle of this global experience that  quarantine has been, D’Ann and I dive into the ways that this season has been getting to the lower layers and bringing to light dreams, desires and new ideas that were previously buried for her. D’Ann finds herself asking the question, “What else could there be? What could we build and create?” as she contemplates moving her family from the comfort of the life they’ve built in the suburbs of Portland, to the unknown adventure that could be waiting for them in the city. We talk about trusting our gut and how to get grounded in a way that allows us to connect to and lead with our “knowing.” We dismantle the idea we should settle for “good enough.” That is is okay to want more of our own life. We talk about the difference between “crowdsourcing” and “crowdfunding” when it comes to making decisions. And together we pull out of her the truth that sometimes what we think feels like fear, is really a hunger and excitement for how good life could be if we are willing to trust ourselves. SHOW LINKS Join the Trailercast Community Elyse Snipes on Instagram --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/trailercast/message

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