The Podcast From Pompeii

The Podcast From Pompeii

Notes from Travelcommando: Hey, everybody! I am so proud to bring you this podcast from such an amazing location. It was a little windy for the interview portion. I had a windscreen but thought I had forgotten it. Later, I found it trapped under a velcro flap. So there's a bit of wind noise here and there, but I ran the whole show myself with ear buds, and the situation was totally bearable. Antonio is great. I am very happy to state that most of any background noise consisted of birdsong. Thanks! The format of this episode: Intro. 1. Travelcommando's interview with professional guide Antonio, from inside the ruins. 2. Travelcommando provides thoughts on his visit to Pompeii, describes his visit to Mount Vesuvius, and tells you about doing these things easily and inexpensively. 3. Antonio's presentation of one of the attractions at Pompeii. 4. More on the eruption, from Pliny the younger

Duration: 50 min

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