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Episode 77: The Cosy Cove Killings

Episode 77: The Cosy Cove Killings

Warning: graphic detail of sexual assault and murder Stoco Lake lies within the Lake Ontario drainage basin in the municipality of Tweed in Hastings County Ontario. The calm, three and half mile lake has one bay tucked away in its northwest corner. This area is known as the settlement of Cosy Cove. It is a charming section of Tweed that hugs around the lake with it’s dirt roads and beautiful bungalows. The families that call Cosy Cove home are all close. They are there for each other and welcoming to new members of their community. They have block parties and BBQs in the Summer and holiday get togethers in the Winter. It is truly the ideal place to call home. But the peace on the lake was shattered in the Summer of 2009 when the community learned that there was a man breaking into homes and sexually assaulting females. And it seemed like he was only escalating. Sources: Confessions:

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