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Introducing Verified

Introducing Verified

Hey guys we wanted to present something really special to you in between our regularly scheduled episodes.   We’re excited to bring you a special clip from Verified, a new true crime podcast from Stitcher. Verified tells the story of a group of fearless women from around the world who band together with a team of Italian reporters to bring a policeman turned sexual predator to justice.   Hosted by investigative reporter Natasha Del Toro, this ten-episode, immersive true crime series examines the trust we place in the sharing economy and the power that a simple checkmark or digital review can hold over our lives. Season 1 of Verified is out NOW - listen and subscribe wherever you find your podcasts. If you want to listen to the full season of Verified now, without ads, sign up for Stitcher Premium at ( . Use promo code WITNESS for 1 month free. Subscribe to Verified in Stitcher or wherever you listen

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