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Introducing: Obsessed With: Disappeared

Introducing: Obsessed With: Disappeared

FAM!! We are SO excited for you to FINALLY hear episode 1 of the newest podcast from the Obsessed Network: Obsessed With: Disappeared. Episode 2 is available RIGHT NOW wherever you get your podcasts, so go subscribe and binge! Obsessed With: Disappeared is hosted by TCO's Patrick Hinds and his best friend of 20 years, Broadway Diva Ellyn Marsh. Going in order from season 1, episode 1, we are recapping episodes of everyone's favorite true crime show: ID's "Disappeared." Each episode is packed with humor, sass, heart and two decades worth of just the shadiest dirt Patrick and Ellyn have on each other. New episodes drop every Wednesday! ALSO! Every Friday at 6pm, Patrick and Ellyn are going live on the Obsessed With: Disappeared Instagram page (@TheDisappearedPod) to chat about the case, give updates, and just drink / hang out with you! We're calling it #FridayNightLive and you need to be there!

Duration: 46 min

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