True Crime Story Time

S2: Brayden's Story

S2: Brayden's Story

It is fair to say that the death of one teenage boy is a tragedy, it’s heartbreaking and a tremendous loss for all family and friends involved. Now imagine the loss of another teenage boy. What if the second young man was an innocent party in a sick revenge attack? Would it make it a right and just death, one boy for another for the families involved? Would this death now create balance? Is it a fair trade, a life for a life, an eye for an eye. This is Brayden's Story  Editing and production by PODCAST ROCKET Original music by Gabe Rizza at IICONIC CREATIVE  Artwork by Joel Micah Harris  Research Credit: The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph,,,, The LA Times,,,, https://nicholasmarkowitz

Duration: 30 min

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