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TJG: Ep154: Summer House // Vanderpump Rules // RHONJ

TJG: Ep154: Summer House // Vanderpump Rules // RHONJ

March Madness is upon us! Don't forget to vote in our IG polls! This week, we FINALLY get to end the Kentucky wedding with Mr. & Mrs. Taylor, or is it Mr. & Mrs. Cauchi? Why did Carter come? Why would Sandoval only get a B-/C+? He gets an A in our book! And Bravo, if you're listening, we do NOT need the New Class. Jersey proved to us this week that the reunion could have only been TWO parts. But we did enjoy Danielle sitting on a chair NOT next to Andy. Did Marge have to accept Tre's apology in order to secure her spot next season? Will we ever see that time capsule 10 years from now? Do we want to see it (moldy donuts?!)? In Summer House, Carlito and his three balls are still proving why he's single. Have you ever called anyone 29 times in a row (Mary has!)? Mary would also let Luke play the guitar for her, even if it is a badly written song. Courtney would pull a Hannah and make out with him to stop. Come judge with us! You can find us on social media: Instagram: @twojudgeygirls Facebook: Patreon: The Jury Speaks FB Group: Podcast: ACast, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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