Under The Shroud

Under The Shroud

"Supernatural? We're not super anything. Just a little extra." Hapless half-demon Corin Black taxis creatures of the night through Baltimore's sin-soaked streets.

Episodes: 24


Harpy Drama

Duration: 21 min


Duration: 20 min

Sycophant God

Duration: 21 min

The Ascendant Dead

Duration: 23 min

Bat Cruz Pt. 5: Still The Demon

Duration: 17 min

Bat-Cruz Pt. 4: Outside Charm City

Duration: 12 min

Bat-Cruz Pt. 3: Crusade of Justice

Duration: 21 min

Bat-Cruz Pt. 2: Theater of the Ascendance

Duration: 12 min

Bat-Cruz Pt. 1: Tomas Hunt

Duration: 15 min

Mac's Sister

Duration: 22 min

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