Stephen C. Glaus

COVID-19 Drone Response

COVID-19 Drone Response

This episode will uncover...The impact COVID-19 has on public safety services around the globeWhat initiated the creation of the DRONERESPONDERS COVID-19 Task ForceHow Chris' past emergency relief experience has equipped him to take on a pandemic virus eventUnique ways in which drones are currently being used in support of COVID-19 relief effortsA critical call-for-action for organizations and individuals to submit more ideas on how drones can be used Collaborative efforts that are the key to success against the coronavirusWhy there is reason for optimism and hopeHow to get involved...Send your ideas to: taskforce@droneresponders.orgJOIN DRONERESPONDERSIf you would like to be a guest on UNMANNED UNCOVERED, send an e-mail to:

Duration: 21 min

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