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125. Fashion in Focus: The Bandolier Belt

125. Fashion in Focus: The Bandolier Belt

Another Fashion In Focus episode is here! Joy talks about the bandolier belt. This was a utilitarian accessory used in battle and in cultures around the world. In the 1970s, however, there was a major case of appropriation. Sources: Anderson, Marcia. "The Ojibwe Bandolier Bag or Gashkibidaagan." In Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion: The United States and Canada, edited by Phyllis G. Tortora. Oxford: Bloomsbury Academic, 2010. Accessed April 20, 2020. http://dx.doi.org.i.ezproxy.nypl.org/10.5040/9781847888525.EDch031715 https://mocacleveland.org/blog/%E2%80%9Cwe%E2%80%99re-involved-real-revolution%E2%80%9D / https://books.google.com/books?id=wjcDAAAAMBAJ&printsec=frontcover&hl=En&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q=bandolier&f=false Find us: Website: www.unravelpodcast.com Patreon: www.patreon.com/unravelpodcast PayPal: www.paypal.me/unravelpodcast Instagram: @unravelpodcast Twitter: @unravelpodcast Facebook: www.facebook.com/unravelpodcast/ Pinterest: Unravel: A Fashion Podcast www.pinterest.com/afashionpodcast/ Stitcher: www.stitcher.com/podcast/unravel-podcast Waller Gallery Website www.wallergallery.com/ Waller Gallery Instagram: @wallergallery Jasmine's Nicaragua Instagram: @recuerdosdenicaragua

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