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Emily: Follow-Up

Emily: Follow-Up

Since Kristen and Jolenta last spoke to Emily, she has moved into her new place, and she’s officially living on her own. So, how’s she doing? Has she had to use the self Heimlich? Kristen and Jolenta out in the latest follow-up episode. Plus, your tips and favorite memories of living alone.  Want to be a future guest on the show? Or do you have any tips for living alone? Tell us about them! You can email us at, or tweet at us @jolentaG, @kristenmeinzer, or @WeLoveYouPod. You can also leave us a voicemail at (601) LOVE-171. And thank you to this week’s sponsor: Betterhelp offers licensed professional counselors in a safe and private online environment. Get 10% off your first month with the discount code WELOVEYOU. Go to See for privacy information.

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