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Killing Eve SNACK - The Legend of Eve Polastri Part I

Killing Eve SNACK - The Legend of Eve Polastri Part I

It took a little while, but the epic penultimate 5 part snack is finally here! Broken up into 5 easily digestible parts that come in at just over an hour, we muse, and muse, and then muse some more about all of our hopes, dreams and wishes for the Killing Eve series 3 finale. In part one we get into our most recent corrections, including a few spotted in the fandom on Twitter. And among the revelations we have this week, the most important one is probably that NEW SERIES 4 SHOWRUNNER LAURA NEAL WORKED ON THE SERIES 3 FINALE!! If you can't tell, this excites us a great deal. #InLauraWeTrustAs always, if you have any thoughts (or feelings) about a topic we discussed or Polastri theories of your own to share, please do so by emailing us at or hitting us up on social media. Episode chapter marks + relevant links are below. Follow us on all the things for daily screaming about #Villaneve #EveOnHerKneesforVillanelle2020 #VillanelleOnHerKneesforEve2020 #DarkEveRising @wellwellvillanelle @wellvillanelleSupport us on Patreon for those late nights: Marks:0:31 - Jique! We live from Ronatine!9:11 - CORRECTIONS9:27 - Revisiting wrong predictions on major deaths12:54 - The Lady in Red did NOT have a hand scanner, it's art16:36 - Correcting fandom assumptions about Oksana22:16 - Remembering Eve's first attempted murder25:56 - Mo assassins, mo problems29:07 - REVELATIONS29:25 - Laura Neal co-wrote the finale! #InLauraWeTrust32:11 - Jodie Comer interviewed by the Toronto Sun37:51 - Taylor Swift, the budding misandrist39:49 - Den of Geek explores Polastri theories for the 1256:36 - Party at Villanelle's in Barcelona when quarantine is over! See for privacy and opt-out information.

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