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Killing Eve SNACK - The Legend of Eve Polastri Part III

Killing Eve SNACK - The Legend of Eve Polastri Part III

Midway through the snack, we finally begin musing on conspiracy theories for the finale. What's up with the Bitter Pill staff and will we receive a final explosive plot twist? Who is the plant? Is it Audrey, is it Bear, is it Jamie? Are there even any plants??? The stage has also been set for Carolyn to level-up in a major way, will she kill Paul and decide to set the 12 ablaze with Villaneve? We certainly hope so!As always, if you have any thoughts (or feelings) about a topic we discussed or Polastri theories of your own to share, please do so by emailing us at or hitting us up on social media. Episode chapter marks + relevant links are below. Follow us on all the things for daily screaming about #Villaneve #EveOnHerKneesforVillanelle2020 #VillanelleOnHerKneesforEve2020 #DarkEveRising @wellwellvillanelle @wellvillanelleSupport us on Patreon for those late nights: Marks:0:31 - MUSINGS0:42 - Why doesn't Jamie know what's happening with the raid?2:24 - A skeleton muse from Terrance Polastri on Kenny5:13 - Musing on things getting personal for Carolyn with Helene and the 127:48 - Shifting Carolyn Martens in the finale begins with Paul10:15 - Musing on ways the 12 can remain intimidating in series 415:43 - A Polastri muse on homeless Geraldine17:58 - What if Villanelle's first job is killing Rhiann?20:21 - Mary Poppins with the bangs crashing the ballroom scene25:18 - Terrance Polastri is DONE with Paul26:59 - When, oh when, will Eve remove her wedding band28:40 - A Polastri theory on Dasha getting out of hospital36:26 - Eve and Villanelle oscillating with the one brain cell39:18 - The Legend of Eve Polastri grows in the dark43:31 - Untethered Polastri muses on Dasha and Konstantin45:16 - Villanelle has cried with everyone, will she cry with Eve?53:38 - Revisiting Villanelle's issue with Tatiana and comparisons to Eve See for privacy and opt-out information.

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