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Killing Eve SNACK - The Legend of Eve Polastri Part IV

Killing Eve SNACK - The Legend of Eve Polastri Part IV

As we finish up our muses, Terrance Polastri predicts the deaths of the Bitter Pill staff, we discuss the call back to Villanelle as Billie in series 2 who did not like to be challenged, Candice does a super meta breakdown of the credits THAT HAVE RETURNED, that no one asked for, and what the hell has happened to our beloved Irina. And as usual, the listener grab bag of muses is teeming with goodies.As always, if you have any thoughts (or feelings) about a topic we discussed or Polastri theories of your own to share, please do so by emailing us at or hitting us up on social media. Episode chapter marks + relevant links are below. Follow us on all the things for daily screaming about #Villaneve #EveOnHerKneesforVillanelle2020 #VillanelleOnHerKneesforEve2020 #DarkEveRising @wellwellvillanelle @wellvillanelleSupport us on Patreon for those late nights: Marks:0:31 - Musing on a reckoning for the Bitter Pill3:21 - Villanelle is finally ready for a challenge9:22 - A super meta breakdown of the credits that could mean nothing22:59 - Candice wants the equivalent of a Killing Eve Red Wedding27:20 - Musing on Irina getting recruited28:44 - GAYO CORREO 29:16 - Recalling the super gay Bovril Pam performance29:56 - A tangent wish list of potential future roles for Jodie32:12 - "In defense of Geraldine" a heartfelt plea39:34 - A Friends meme to describe Eve and the fandom41:06 - Calling Eve out on her messy behavior with love43:46 - Memes about Eve being rude to men and Villanelle having her number46:55 - BAFTA will be holding a Killing Eve online Q&A48:00 - Correcting a question from last week48:25 - Jokes on Eve's inability to be discrete49:19 - Revisiting Billie's violence against Aaron and Amber's crush50:48 - Maybe the poker dude from the bench DOES work for MI653:13 - Rejecting the awful reality of Keraldine55:48 - Venting about the lack of Dark!Eve and Dasha's forced retirement1:01:00 - Time as a Killing Eve construct with a tangent on 'Enter the Void' See for privacy and opt-out information.

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