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Well Well Villanelle - "Are You Leading or Am I?" Part I

Well Well Villanelle - "Are You Leading or Am I?" Part I

We’re back with our longest recap of the season you hoes!! We made it to the finale and not a feeling will be spared! Our ladies hit the dance floor and finally have the conversation they so desperately need. Naturally we spend at about half an hour talking about the ballroom scene, BECAUSE IT DESERVES IT! Rhian crashes the party and proves herself to be a disappointing assassin, but quite adept at strap-blocking. Narrator: "And that's when Rhian knew, she really f*cked up."As always, if you have any thoughts (or feelings) about a topic we discussed or Polastri theories of your own to share, please do so by emailing us at or hitting us up on social media. Episode chapter marks + relevant links are below. Follow us on all the things for daily screaming about #Villaneve #EveOnHerKneesforVillanelle2020 #VillanelleOnHerKneesforEve2020 #DarkEveRising @wellwellvillanelle @wellvillanelleSupport us on Patreon for those late nights: Marks:0:31 - Live in Ronatine and curfew sucks, but bitches we made it!!12:08 - Villanelle gets read to filth by Carolyn and her legendary BDE22:00 - Konstantin and Dasha and a cruel twist of fate31:22 - THE BEST VILLANEVE SCENE EVER!!! a.k.a. The Ballroom Scene44:44 - England said GAY RIGHTS! Rhythm or no rhythm50:38 - Are you leading or am I? Top!Eve rises again!!57:03 - Villanelle's fears about Eve's potential judgement1:03:05 - Villanelle touches her scar as she watches Eve leave1:04:33 - Musing on plausible reasons behind "the dip"1:08:04 - Mary Poppins with the bangs: the disappointing assassin1:09:17 - Villanelle gives Eve her ticket to "freedom"1:11:38 - Most Impressive Strap-block of the series goes to RhiannEnd of Part I See for privacy and opt-out information.

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