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WFS 145 - The Largest Fly Fishing Community on Facebook with John Billing - Australia, New Zealand

WFS 145 - The Largest Fly Fishing Community on Facebook with John Billing - Australia, New Zealand

Show Notes:  http://wetflyswing.com/145 John Billing created the largest free non commercial Facebook group for fly fishing in the world.  We talk about the great resource it is and how it all came to be in over 10 years now running.  With over 60,000 active members this is a great resource if you are new to fishing or just want to connect with anglers around the world. Show Notes for the Fly Fishing Community - Peter Morse was on the podcast in episode 111 and was the last Australian guru I talked to on the podcast. - I noted our Wet Fly Swing Facebook group and the struggle of creating an a great group. - Casting for Recovery and Reel Recovery as part of Mending Casts which John leads in Australia. - The Hank Patterson episode where we talked as Travis Swartz and the influence of his first co-host. 33:40 - The Tasmania Fly fishing Facebook group 34:30 - Domenick Swentosky was on the podcast in episode140 here and talked about creating content and the growth of the Troutbitten website. - Red Tag and pheasant tails are John’s goto trout flies.  - April Vokey’s blog has been a great resource for John.  April was on our podcast here.  - FFI is a great resource for casting and casting instruction.  I interviewed the CEO Len Zickler in episode 95 here. You can find John at the Fly Fishing Community here on Facebook. Resources Noted in the Show Casting for Recovery Reel Recovery   Videos Noted in the Show How to Tie the Red Tag Conclusion with John Billing John Billing shares the resource he created in the largest non commercial Facebook group in the world.  With over 44,000 active members it’s not just another Facebook group.  We find out how to take advantage of the group and why John puts so much time into this side project. http://wetflyswing.com/145

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