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7: Is Luxembourg worth visiting? With Podcaster James Belsey

7: Is Luxembourg worth visiting? With Podcaster James Belsey

In this episode we challenge James Belsey from the Bottomless Pit Podcast to persuade us that Luxembourg is worth visiting. It isn't a country we hear much about and we are from Europe! We wonder what the country has to offer, what is the food like, does the country have a rich historical past? We find out all the answers to our questions and play a game called 'The Bottomless Pit' where we all have to talk for 1 minute about a given subject - no hesitation and no repetition! Amy gives Nick quite an embarassing subject… Check it! This episode is sponsored by Storyteller :-) https://www.storytellertravel.co.uk Also, if you want to join AirBnB then use this link to get money towards your first stays. We also get some credit so it's a win win! https://abnb.me/e/ABEgWvim4S ====================================== Follow us… Website: www.whatthephotravelpodcast.com Twitter: @phopodcast Email: whatthephopodcast@gmail.com Facebook: Facebook.com/phopodcast Instagram: @whatthepho_podcast #travel #travelpodcast #wanderlust #backpack #backpacking #world #aroundtheworld #travelling #traveling #game #europe #luxembourg #history #ww2 #bottomlesspit #culture

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