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Who is Mike Pompeo?

Who is Mike Pompeo?

As Democrats nationwide consider who their party will nominate to challenge President Trump in November, Republicans look ahead -- to 2024. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, after a meteoric rise through Kansas politics to leading the CIA and the State Department, is widely believed to be preparing to run for higher office. A businessman; a veteran; and a committed Christian, Pompeo represents one possible future for the Republican Party. He’s also an object example of how conservatives, by and large, have accommodated themselves to Trump. On this episode of Who Is, Sean Morrow inspects the complex and contradictory beliefs and impulses of the man who rode the Tea Party to Congress and Benghazi to fame. Lara Jakes, a Diplomatic Correspondent based in the Washington bureau of The New York Times  Dion Lefler, Government and Politics Reporter at The Wichita Eagle  Tom Shine, Director of News and Public Affairs at Wichita Public Radio, KMUW  Nahal Toosi, Foreign Affairs Reporter for Politico Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers

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