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Brie Larson, Stefflon Don & Dave(?)

Brie Larson, Stefflon Don & Dave(?)

Hello Wholigans! On this week's episode of Who's There, we dive right on into the comments section with calls about Lady A behaving badly, a local whose family member had things to say about the Manzos, the correct pronunciations of Italian names, Isla Fisher's husband, Hottie's relationship to both Beyonce and cooking, Amy Pascal being a racist, and Ana defundthepolice Armas Updates. Next up, we take questions about Brie Larson's YouTube channel (specifically, why it sucks), Stefflon Don and her fiancé Burna Boy (specifically, why his album was called African Giant), and Casa Zeta Jones (specifically, why we're EXTREMELY sus about her mailing address....) THEN: a game of Who or Them during which we talk about... The Golden Palace??? As mentioned in the episode, these are the organizations where we just donated a couple weeks of our ad revenue, in case you're looking for a place to donate yourself: The Okra Project, the BLM Fund, the Ida B Wells Society, the Navajo Water Project, ActBlue Bail Funds, and Pretty Brown Girl. And don't forget to call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, comments, and concerns that we may address on a future episode! (We also love messages with goss you don't want us to play on the episode...)

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