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Tabitha Brown, Noname, and the Alphabet?

Tabitha Brown, Noname, and the Alphabet?

On today's episode of Who's There, our weekly call-in show, we begin with a conversation about the elegance of eating off plates for some reason, after which we move on to comments providing crucial information about Ben Affleck's DD flavor of choice (extra, extra), Winnie Harlow's history of bullying, Bobby's HUGE Rocky Pennington mixup, and everything we missed about that controversial book one of the Gummers narrated. Next up, question time! Who is Joanne Harris and why will you always lose a debate about the law with a sex worker? Who is Tabitha Brown and what are her catchphrases? Who is Noname and why is she writing songs about J. Cole? And, least importantly, what are the Whos and Thems of the alphabet? Yes, that alphabet. As always, thanks for calling in, and be sure to call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, comments, and concerns of your own. We may address them on a future episode! One more thing: you can donate to bail funds for protestors.

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