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America on Drugs with Dr. Carl Hart

America on Drugs with Dr. Carl Hart

Dr. Carl Hart wants to challenge the way you think about drugs. As a neuroscientist studying the effects drugs have on the brain, a lot of Dr. Hart's research undercuts some of the most pervasive stories we’ve been told about drugs. How much of our reaction to illicit drug use is based in the pharmacological facts versus social coding and moral judgement? And how have those narratives played into the cultural representation of drugs, the war on drugs, and how the drug market is policed? Dr. Hart draws on both research and personal experience to tease out our preconceptions of drug use and addiction and they ways they relate to things like race, poverty, and crime.RELATED LINKS“We Know How George Floyd Died. It Wasn’t From Drugs.” By Dr. Carl Hart (NYTimes June 2020)High Price by Dr. Carl HartDrug Use for Grown-Ups by Dr. Carl Hart (Available for pre-order)

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