Wiggly of Trap Door

Wiggly's Book Club 024

Wiggly's Book Club 024

This week's reading feature is Chapter 21 (#Orgonomy) of the Dover Book Classic, Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science. Presenting episode zero and two plus four of the prestigious “If We Can Put A Man on The Moon, This Kid Can Read Books A Little, Maybe" Award, Wiggly's Book Club! Wiggly's Book Club is a fortnightly read recorded live from Sloppy Joe's Bar in Easton, Pennsylvania. It is featured exclusively in the Wiggly's Book Club FEED (check the website for show schedules, there is none). Please, join Wiggly and his book as we uncover what is contained within the Trap Door Mansion library of Discovery (and he's drunk, can't see, has an astigmatism, legally blind in his left eye, dyslexic, has double triple vision, the onset of degenerative eye disease, dry eye, his glasses are dirty, it's dark, and he can't read). #BOOK #SKEPTIC #LOGIC #PSEUDONEUROPSYCHOSCIENCE #Orgonomy #Orgasm #WilhelmReich You will actually believe a man can read, maybe! Good luck. #RIPh (Reading is Phundamental)

Duration: 36 min

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