Camping w/ David Lembersky

Camping w/ David Lembersky

Following an unprecedented week off, Sam and Joe return to the pod to record in their backyard bunker in an amazing episode that shows the world that any space can be a studio if you have a microphone. Former roommate current lease-sharer of the Pod David Lembersky guests to go over all the dirty and delicious details of what kept the boys so busy last week: CAMPING! There is also as always a game of Iconic/Not Iconic. What? You thought after just one week off we'd FORGET about that segment of the show? C'mon...   Word on the Str8s: Instagram, Twitter Sam: Instagram, Twitter Joe: Instagram, Twitter   Produced by Sam Stanish Theme Song by Chris Collier Cover art by Sarah Gahr and Derek Reining

Duration: 1 hr 12 min

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