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If this channel has a nickname, it would be called

If this channel has a nickname, it would be called "straight to the point" because that's exactly what you'd get from each episode of Work-Life Balance with the amazing Emem Nwogwugwu; wife, mother, and life-coach who walked into our studios and left us with these timeless messages for you. Yes, we have created this channel to preserve her outstanding and practicable messages for generations unborn but since you're here, guess you're the lucky ones.You will learn how to master your work-life, go beyond the habit of trying to balance things out. As Emem says, it is time to learn the art of work-life integration and that's the very juicy things you're about to consume. From how to measure productivity to how you can unlock your happiness through work, this channel becomes a part of your life as it has become a part of ours. Happy Listening!And oh please, Do leave us a comment or question here: and we would surely meet you up as soon as possible. Welcome to Work-Life-Balance, brought to you by Africa Business Radio!

Episodes: 12

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