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374 The Cemetery Buck - Devin Leonard

374 The Cemetery Buck - Devin Leonard

Devin Leonard tells us the story of the famous deer "The Cemetery Buck". The challenge of hunting such a well-known deer for almost a month straight!  Public thread about the buck - Devin's response is #47. Worth the read! Use code: WCB to get the new exclusive wcb shirt for $4.99! Support us at: Find WCB online: CarbonTV Exclusive Video Podcast!  The WCB Podcast is presented by: HHA Sports HHA CODE: WCB15 Also brought to you by: Scent Crusher - Scent Off. Game On. Gator Outdoors Victory Archery ThermaSeat Leupold Optics  Elite Archery  Big Tine - Attract - Develop - Grow Can Cooker Hunters Blend Coffee Use code: WORKINGCLASS for 10% Hunters Blend Coffee!

Duration: 41 min

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