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Episode 45: Halloween Office Parade

Episode 45: Halloween Office Parade

Thia and Taylor can't get enough of Halloween! Join us as they compare the ways their workplaces celebrate with special guest Meghan, host of the riveting podcast True Crime Time.  Thank you to Wimps and their label Kill Rock Stars for the use of their song "Monday" off of their album Garbage People. To find more from them, go visit them at their website or their Bandcamp at Special thank you to Meghan for being on Working Classless! Listen to her soothing voice retell horrible crimes on True Crime Time on most major platforms, or check her out here. Follow her on her IG @truecrimetime to check out her sweet Ursula costume, and much more! Find Working Classless on Social Media E-mail Twitter @workclassless Facebook instagram @workingclassless

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