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Ask, Receive and Allow with Nadia Rochelle - A Flashback

Ask, Receive and Allow with Nadia Rochelle - A Flashback

Your Soul Care Companions sit down with Nadia Rochelle, a light of many gifts. She shares her story of self discovery, purpose and motivation. This interview is so rich and layered with jewels about life source and the courage to allow your desires to manifest while expanding your container.Influenced by the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, Nadia speaks boldly about the differences between a journey and a quest as we become our best selves. Are you in search of a specific destination for a specific time or are you seeking out many things as you are continually moving on your path? Nadia encourages us to allow into our path what it is that we are asking because there's an infinite source waiting to give it to us. Go listen right now, Subscribe and Join Your Soul Care Community:www.YourSoulCareCommunity.comIG - YourSoulCareCommunityFacebook - Your Soul Care Community

Duration: 38 min

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