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I Am The Son Of A Prostitute #FBF

I Am The Son Of A Prostitute #FBF

We flash back to a story of faith that involves a woman putting up her son for adoption. Take a listen and be inspired to share your story - even the in-between times and the not so cute details.What does faith have to do with a prostitute giving her son up for adoption? Your Soul Care Companions, Marcus and Marion get the answer as they spend time with Marcellus Holt, the son of two women - one who had the faith to give him up and the other who had the faith to adopt him. Marcellus shares his story of divine love and sacrifice as he "leans into God's vision for his life."Join our Soul Care Community:YourSoulCareCommunity.comIG - YourSoulCareCommunityFacebook - Your Soul Care Community

Duration: 37 min

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