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Stay Ready So You Can Be Ready with Vegan Batch

Stay Ready So You Can Be Ready with Vegan Batch

Marcus and Marion sat down with LaDaysha and Regine of Vegan Batch to talk about the growing trend of veganism that has taken over Atlanta and cities across America. We find out why veganism is so popular as well as how it has impacted their lives - the good and the bad. Little did we know veganism is more than just the food we eat. Two young women of color who initially bonded over lemon pepper chicken wings have created a vegan lifestyle brand that features the highs and lows and everything in between. This was a funny interview as we talked about dating non-vegans to petty comments written under their YouTube videos. We hope you enjoy!Join Your Soul Care Community:www.YourSoulCareCommunity.comIG - YourSoulCareCommunityFacebook - Your Soul Care Community

Duration: 35 min

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