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Strengthening families with quality information and support to meet the many challenges they face.  Family life is both rewarding and frustrating. Make your marriage stronger and better than ever.  Get valuable parenting tips for a happy, orderly home.  Learn how to make your family a team, supporting each other through obstacles and setbacks. Help your children overcome negative habits and replace them with cooperative behavior.  Gain valuable skills to assist you in managing oppositional behavior, melt downs, fears and avoidance behavior.  Get the support you need in raising children with special needs.  Imagine selecting the school with the best fit for your child’s unique needs, creating a synergistic team with school personnel, communicating clearly and effectively, focusing on your child’s best interest, and providing the education for your child that will help them reach their goals and succeed in all areas of their life.  Benefit from the experience of parents who have been through the same trials you are experiencing.

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