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Want to see your children reach their full potential, in all areas of their lives?

Tim Dansie, a registered teacher and psychologist who is sought-after by both parents and educators alike, reveals what it takes to set your child up for success.

Tim shares insights from his decades of experience working with children from all backgrounds with all kinds of personalities. He also shares real stories that you can learn from.

Each episode is easy to understand with practical tips that you can apply straight away.

Season 1 of this podcast focuses on children aged between three and 12. Please subscribe to ensure you don’t miss an episode.

About Tim Dansie:

Tim is a registered Teacher and Psychologist. He spent 12 years working in schools as a Teacher / Psychologist before establishing his own private practice working with children, families, teachers and schools. As a result, Tim has a unique understanding about what is required to improve a student’s educational and wellbeing outcomes.

Tim currently consults to the Independent Schools Association, the Catholic Schools Association and the Education Department of South Australia.

He also works with elite level athletes, consulting to the Adelaide Football Club in the AFL and as a Career Guidance person to Adelaide United in the A-League.

Tim has vast experience working with children and families and he is able to offer a wide range of services.

Connect with Tim:

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You can also send Tim an email at or find out more about his private practice at 

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