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Do you own a small, local business? Are you thinking of starting a small business?

If so - this podcast is for you!

In this podcast I'm talking with small business owners that are doing awesome things in their space (coffee shops, bakeries, hair salons, breweries, boutiques, & more!). My goal in each episode is that you would come away inspired, and with practical takeaways to grow (or start) your own local small business. 

Whether you're an existing business owner, or thinking of starting your own small business, you're going to find a wealth of knowledge, encouragement, and advice. In each episode, you'll hear:

- their WHY (why they started & what drove them)
- how they grew to where they are now
- obstacles they overcame
- lessons learned along the way
- advice for other small business owners
- and more! 

Here's just a sampling of real-life topics that are in the first few episodes:

- starting lean (without debt)
- how to grow from 1 (just you), to a team
- marketing & social media tips 
- management philosophy (hiring, firing, and managing employees)
- how to overcome difficulties
- overcoming fear and taking risks

Whether you're a supporter of small, brick & mortar businesses and love to shop local, already run your own shop, or are thinking of getting started - my hope is that this podcast will inspire you, motivate you, help you overcome obstacles, and grow. Happy listening!

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